Communication is changing and the ways in which we can connect are evolving. People, homes, businesses, venues and vehicles are all connecting in innovative new ways to improve the way we live, work and play. With different places to connect to, and new things to connect with, OPTRONICS® makes communication fast, efficient and easy, today and tomorrow.

OPTRONICS® is a comprehensive platform of configurable fibre and copper connectivity solutions, designed and manufactured by FibreFab, to increase bandwidth, migrate easily, expand capacity, maximize space, allow rapid deployments and offer great economy.

FibreFab have decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of network solutions, with capabilities and infrastructure to rapidly deliver pioneering network connectivity solutions across the globe. That is why some of the most vital and advanced networks in the World rely on OPTRONICS®.


FibreFab are committed to the design, development and delivery of optical fibre connectivity solutions that meet the needs of your network infrastructure. Driven by innovation, our customers look to us for high density, optimised, rapid deployment solutions that save on time, space and budget.

Established in 1992 in Milton Keynes (UK) and acquired by AFL, a division of Fujikura, in 2013 - FibreFab is now part of the AFL IG family.

Our name has become synonymous with exceptional customer service, quality, speed and value. With commercial activity in over 90 countries and manufacturing capabilities across 11 group locations, we work with our Partners to deliver network solutions swiftly to our customers worldwide.

FibreFab - The World. Connected.