OPTRONICS® pre-terminated solutions are designed to make on-site installation fast and easy, and alleviates the need for field termination or splicing, reducing installation time by up to 75%. With an array of flexible and configurable pre-terminated solutions available, all assemblies are factory terminated and tested, giving our customers peace of mind that they have a high-performance network, tailored to the needs and density of their network.

Across MPO, Base-8 and Multi-fibre assemblies, OPTRONICS® has a comprehensive range of pre-terminated assemblies that offer high-performance, reliability and scalability.

  • Save space, ensure rapid deployments, and simultaneously harness the power of Fujikura ferrule technology with OPTRONICS® MPO Solutions
  • Enable your network to migrate at a pace you require with a clear path from 10G, 40G, 100G to 400G and alleviate concern for ever-growing band-width requirements with OPTRONICS® Base-8 Solutions
  • Use OPTRONICS® Multi-Fibre Pre-Terminated Solutions to speed up your deployment, by configuring the right assembly for your environment or application

OPTRONICS® is designed and manufactured by FibreFab®, you have the added assurance of industry leading expertise, excellent customer support and first class service.