FTTH Flat Drop Cable


Drop cable all dielectric for Fibre To The Home (FTTH or FTTx) application containing from 1 to 4 250 µm individually coloured single mode optical fibres. The cable contains two  Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) strength members and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket with nominal dimension 2 x 3 mm.

  • Choice of fibre types
  • Single mode optical fibre meting ITU-T G.657A1 or ITU-T G.657A2
  • Individually coloured optical fibres
  • Notched 2 x 3 mm construction for easy stripping
  • White LSZH jacket for internal use
  • Black LSZH jacket for short distance external use
  • Internal FTTH applications horizontal and riser
  • Clipping to surfaces including skirting boards
  • Short distance external use with black LSZH jacket
Parameter Unit Value
Crush (short term) N/100 mm 1000
Strength member   FRP
Storage temperature °C -20 to 60
Installation temperature °C -5 to 50
Operating temperature °C -20 to 60
Primary buffer diameter µm 250
Fibre count n 1 to 4
Nominal outer diameter mm 2.0 x 3.0 ± 0.2
Nominal weight kg/km 7
Maximum tensile load N 80
Minimum bend radius mm 15
Plywood drum dimensions (Flange,Barrel,Width) 4km mm (approximately) F630, B300, W250
Drum weight with cable 4km kg (approximately) 22


Ordering information
250um FTTH ITU-T G.657A1 White jacket non metallic 7A1FLATDROP**NUWH
250um FTTH ITU-T G.657A2 White jacket non metallic 7A2FLATDROP**NUWH
250um FTTH ITU-T G.657A1 Black jacket non metallic 7A1FLATDROP**NUBK
250um FTTH ITU-T G.657A2 Black jacket non metallic 7A2FLATDROP**NUBK

Where ** is the fibre count between 1 and 4. Other jacket colours are available