Alleviate the concern of ever-growing bandwidth requirements posed by the Internet of Things (IoT), implementation of 5G, more connected devices, the continued growth of cloud computing and big data being placed on your colocation, hyperscale or enterprise data centre with the OPTRONICS® Ultra-High Density (UHD) Solution.

Enable your network to migrate at a pace you require with a clear path from 100GB/s to 400GB/s and beyond. Simultaneously, the solution is designed to maximize the most from your available space, whilst also offering high performance, reliability, and scalability.

The OPTRONICS® UHD Solution is made up of three core product sets; Chassis, Modules, and Assemblies. Chassis consist of 1U, 2U and ZeroU configurations, each designed to accept OPTRONICS® UHD Modules or UHD Adaptor Plates. The modules are easy to install and allow you to scale as your network requires. OPTRONICS® UHD Modules can be connected by MPO, direct termination (LC or SC) or by splicing (LC or SC). The OPTRONICS® UHD Solution can also interconnect with our host of customizable MPO, pre-terminated and patch cord assemblies.

As OPTRONICS® is designed and manufactured by FibreFab®, you have the added assurance of industry leading expertise, excellent customer support and first class service.